Countries that Allow Single Parent Adoption

By Md. Rifat Hossain
Adoption, whether done by married or single people, does not merely spring from one’s wanting to have a child, but rather from a vocation or calling that can leave other people puzzled. It is something not meant for everyone, which is why only some can understand the joy that it brings to the adopting parents.

Once a person has considered the possibility of going through an international single parent adoption, it is vital to check the countries that allow this as well as their current policies on the matter. It is a known fact that birth or biological parents may not be so keen in having their children adopted by single parents.

Even some agencies may be reluctant to the idea and more so, if the adopting parent comes from another country. There are countries which allow international adoption but require a specific period of residency in order to be qualified while others strictly prohibits it altogether.

In light of these, it is a prerequisite to gather authentic information and feedback from friends, families and a lot of people who have gone through this to ensure a successful adoption. Moreover, this can help avoid mistakes and problems other people have encountered during their application process.

What are the countries that allow single parent adoption? UK and the US are some of the popular ones that allow single parent adoption. However, since they are among those countries which have made agreements in the Hague Convention, there are certain procedures that must be followed to gain the approval of the Convention, that is, to protect children child trafficking.

countries that allow single parent adoption
Adopting parents must go to an accredited adoption agency (by the Convention) to begin the adoption process. A single parent must be at least 21 years old to adopt a child from UK.

Vietnam is also among those that allow adoption by sole parents. A person must be at least 25 years old in order to adopt from this country. Countries that used to allow single parent adoption are Guatemala, Cambodia and Kazakhstan, temporarily forbid this.

For a time, China has also stopped allowing this kind of adoption but has eventually opened its doors again. Like China, South Korea is also one of the countries that allow but both have stricter rules and longer wait time.

Adopting infants or preschool aged children from China is also a bit difficult especially since signing the agreement in the Hague Adoption Convention. However, they are known for having well-established adoption rules and procedures.

The website of Intercountry Adoption Bureau of Consular Affairs – U.S. Department of State features a broad record of information about the adoption requirements and procedures in various countries as well as the US laws in adopting from these countries.

Ethiopia is not a Hague Adoption Convention country although it has its own guidelines that must be strictly followed. An adopting parent will have to visit Ethiopia at least twice. Couples who have been married for about 5 years have more edge in being approved.

Although married couples are preferred over single adopting parents, Ethiopia has started allowing single parents to adopt from their country beginning February of this year.

The Philippines is one of the countries that signed the agreement for Hague Adoption Convention. It has residency requirements of at least 3 years prior to the adoption petition. Moreover, the adopting parent must stay in the country until the adoption process has been finalized.

These requirements can be waived, though, if the adopting parent is a former Filipino citizen and the child to be adopted is a relative from until the 4th degree, or the child of his or her spouse. The adopting parent must be at least 27 years of age and at least 16 years older than the child at the time of the application.

These are just some of the countries that allow single parent adoption. Although rules vary in several countries and the process tends to be a bit difficult, more opportunities are still apparently available for single parents and this can be viewed positively.

What parents need to work on is finding the countries that best suit the requirements that they can easily comply with.

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